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Electro-Samba Orchestra

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Electro-Samba Orchestra - DESAFINADO (Tom Jobim)

Electro-Samba Orchestra - DESAFINADO (Tom Jobim)

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Electro-Samba Orchestra celebrates the joy of music, mixing the authentic Samba energy with the sophistication of Jazz.
Performed by experienced, award winning Brazilian and American musicians, the E S O shows bring about a magical, exquisite atmosphere where everyone wants to move their bodies to the irresistible upward swing thing...
E S O’ s first album is a collection of masterfully performed Bossa Nova Hits, acclaimed by the specialized critics and has been heard across more than 100 radio stations nationwide.
Electric Samba Orchestra, your best choice for an elegant yet charged atmosphere at your event.
An unforgettable experience of a lifetime, that will exceed your expectations...